printer rental terminology

Printer Rental Terminology

Printer Rental Terminology Part 1: Basic Printer Rental Terms

Printer Rental Terminology:  If you want to opt for a printer rental, you have to learn all its terms and definitions first. Knowing these terms beforehand will surely help you in finding the best printer rental provider!

To understand more about other factors in printer rentals as a beginner, go see this introduction to printer rentals.

Printer Rental

Definition: Renting a printer for a specific period, typically for business use.

Usage: Businesses often opt for printer rental to save on costs and avoid the high upfront expense of purchasing a printer.

Printer Leasing

Definition: Similar to printer rental, but typically involves a longer-term contract with the option to buy the printer at the end of the lease.

Usage: Printer leasing offers businesses the flexibility to upgrade their equipment regularly.

Printer Lease

Definition: A contractual agreement where a business pays for the use of a printer over a specified period.

Usage: A printer lease can help businesses manage their cash flow more effectively.

Printer Leasing in the Philippines

Definition: The practice of leasing printers specifically within the Philippines.

Usage: Printer leasing in the Philippines is a popular option for both small and large businesses looking to maintain their printing capabilities without a large initial investment.

Black and White Printer Rental

Definition: Renting a printer that only prints in black and white.

Usage: Black and white printer rental is ideal for businesses that primarily print text documents.

Color Printer Rental

Definition: Renting a printer that can print in color.

Usage: Color printer rental is perfect for businesses needing high-quality color prints for presentations or marketing materials.

Duplex Printer Rental

Definition: Renting a printer with duplex printing capabilities, allowing it to print on both sides of the paper automatically.

Usage: Duplex printer rental helps businesses save on paper costs and reduce their environmental footprint.

Fujitsu Scanner Rental

Definition: Renting a Fujitsu brand scanner for document scanning needs.

Usage: Fujitsu scanner rental provides businesses with reliable scanning solutions without the need for a large upfront investment.

Inkjet Printer Rental

Definition: Renting an inkjet printer, which uses ink cartridges to produce high-quality prints.

Usage: Inkjet printer rental is suitable for businesses that require high-resolution color prints for photos and graphics.

Photo Printer Rental

Definition: Renting a printer specifically designed for high-quality photo printing.

Usage: Photo printer rental is perfect for businesses in the photography and graphic design industries.

Print-All-You-Can in the Philippines

Definition: A rental service that allows unlimited printing for a fixed fee, available in the Philippines.

Usage: Print-all-you-can in the Philippines is an economical choice for businesses with high printing volumes.

Printing Unlimited in the Philippines

Definition: Similar to print-all-you-can, this service offers unlimited printing for a fixed fee.

Usage: Printing unlimited in the Philippines helps businesses manage their printing costs effectively.

Printing Unlimited

Definition: A rental service that provides unlimited printing for a flat fee, not limited to the Philippines.

Usage: Printing unlimited services are beneficial for businesses with consistently high printing needs.

Print-All-You-Can Rentals in the Philippines

Definition: A rental program in the Philippines that allows unlimited printing for a fixed monthly fee.

Usage: Print-all-you-can rentals in the Philippines provide a cost-effective solution for businesses that print large quantities of documents regularly.

Part 2: Intermediate Printer Rental Terms

Leasing Printers

Definition: This refers to the practice of leasing various types of printers under a contractual agreement. Leasing can be more cost-effective for businesses needing high-quality printers without the upfront cost.

Usage: Leasing printers allows businesses to upgrade their equipment regularly and maintain operational efficiency.

Finding Printer Rentals Near You

Definition: Locating printer rental services in your vicinity. This can be done through online searches, local directories, or recommendations.

Usage: Businesses can easily find printer rentals near them by using online directories and local service providers.

Scanner Rentals

Definition: Renting scanners for a specified period. This service is ideal for businesses that need to digitize documents without purchasing a scanner outright.

Usage: Scanner rentals provide a cost-effective solution for temporary or project-based scanning needs.

Scanners for Rent

Definition: Various types of scanners available for rental. This includes flatbed scanners, sheet-fed scanners, and more.

Usage: Companies can choose from a variety of scanners for rent to suit their specific document scanning requirements.

Printer Renting for Small Businesses

Definition: A service tailored to the needs of small businesses, allowing them to rent printers without the significant financial burden of purchasing one.

Usage: Printer renting for small businesses helps small enterprises manage their printing needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

Laser Printer Rentals

Definition: Renting laser printers, which are known for their speed, efficiency, and high-quality output, especially for text documents.

Usage: Laser printer rentals are ideal for businesses with high-volume printing needs.

Printer Rental Companies

Definition: Companies that specialize in renting out printers to businesses and individuals. These companies often offer a range of models and support services.

Usage: Printer rental companies provide a variety of rental options to meet different business needs.

What a Printer Rental Is

Definition: The concept and practice of renting a printer for a specific period, providing flexibility and cost savings.

Usage: Understanding what a printer rental is can help businesses make informed decisions about managing their printing needs.

Introduction to Printer Rental

Definition: An overview of the printer rental industry, including the benefits and types of services available.

Usage: An introduction to printer rental helps businesses understand the various options and advantages of renting printers.

Service Contract

Definition: A legal agreement between the rental company and the renter outlining the terms and conditions of the rental, including maintenance and support services.

Usage: Service contracts are essential for ensuring that both parties understand their responsibilities during the rental period.

Maintenance Agreement

Definition: A specific type of service contract focused on maintaining the rented printer. It typically includes regular maintenance checks, repairs, and replacements as needed.

Usage: A maintenance agreement ensures that the rented printer remains in good working condition, minimizing downtime.

Usage Fee

Definition: The fee charged based on the usage of the printer, such as the number of pages printed or the amount of toner used.

Usage: Understanding the usage fee structure can help businesses budget effectively for their printing needs.


Definition: Items that are consumed during the printing process, such as paper, toner, and ink cartridges.

Usage: Rental agreements often include provisions for the supply of consumables, either included in the rental fee or charged separately.

Lease Term

Definition: The duration of the lease agreement, typically ranging from several months to a few years.

Usage: Knowing the lease term helps businesses plan their finances and decide whether to lease or rent.

Rental Period

Definition: The specific period for which the printer is rented. This can vary from a day to several months, depending on the agreement.

Usage: The rental period should align with the business’s project timeline and printing needs.

Early Termination Fee

Definition: A fee charged if the lessee decides to terminate the rental agreement before the end of the agreed term.

Usage: Being aware of early termination fees helps businesses avoid unexpected costs if their printing needs change.

Part 3: Advanced Printer Rental Terms


Definition: The reduction in the value of the printer over time due to wear and tear and technological advancements.

Usage: Depreciation is considered when determining the rental fee and buyout price of a printer.

Tax Benefits

Definition: Financial advantages, such as deductions or credits, that businesses can claim on their taxes when they lease or rent equipment.

Usage: Understanding the tax benefits of printer rentals can help businesses save money and improve their cash flow.

Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease

Definition: A type of lease where the lessee has the option to purchase the printer at the end of the lease term for its fair market value.

Usage: An FMV lease is beneficial for businesses that want flexibility at the end of the lease term without a high upfront cost.

Capital Lease

Definition: A lease considered as a purchase for accounting and tax purposes, with the lessee recognizing the printer as an asset and the lease payments as a liability.

Usage: A capital lease can be advantageous for businesses looking to own the printer eventually, as it provides tax and depreciation benefits.

Operating Lease

Definition: A lease where the printer remains the property of the lessor, and the lease payments are considered operating expenses.

Usage: An operating lease is suitable for businesses that need to use the printer without the intention of owning it, offering flexibility and lower monthly payments.

Net Lease

Definition: A lease agreement where the lessee is responsible for additional costs, such as maintenance, insurance, and taxes.

Usage: Understanding a net lease helps businesses budget for the total cost of renting a printer, not just the monthly payments.

Gross Lease

Definition: A lease agreement where the lessor covers all costs associated with the printer, including maintenance, insurance, and taxes.

Usage: A gross lease provides businesses with a predictable monthly expense, as all costs are included in the lease payments.

Residual Value

Definition: The estimated value of the printer at the end of the lease term.

Usage: Residual value is important in determining lease payments and buyout options.

Upgrade Clause

Definition: A provision in the lease agreement that allows the lessee to upgrade to a newer model during the lease term.

Usage: An upgrade clause provides flexibility for businesses to keep up with technological advancements without waiting for the lease term to end.

End-of-Lease Options

Definition: The choices available to the lessee at the end of the lease term, such as renewing the lease, purchasing the printer, or returning it.

Usage: Knowing the end-of-lease options helps businesses plan for the future and avoid unexpected costs.

Return Conditions

Definition: The requirements for the condition of the printer when it is returned to the lessor at the end of the rental or lease term.

Usage: Understanding return conditions helps businesses avoid penalties for damage or excessive wear and tear.

Overage Charges

Definition: Fees charged for printing more pages than the amount included in the lease or rental agreement.

Usage: Businesses should monitor their printing volume to avoid overage charges and manage costs effectively.

Automatic Renewal Clause

Definition: A provision in the lease or rental agreement that extends the term automatically unless the lessee provides notice to terminate.

Usage: Being aware of an automatic renewal clause helps businesses avoid unintended extensions and additional costs.

Early Buyout Option

Definition: A provision that allows the lessee to purchase the printer before the end of the lease term, often at a reduced price.

Usage: An early buyout option provides flexibility for businesses that decide they want to own the printer sooner than expected.

Delivery and Installation

Definition: Services provided by the rental company to transport and set up the printer at the lessee’s location.

Usage: Including delivery and installation services in the rental agreement ensures that the printer is properly set up and ready for use.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Definition: A contract that defines the level of service expected from the lessor, including response times and maintenance schedules.

Usage: An SLA helps ensure that the lessee receives timely and reliable support for their rented printer.

Usage Restrictions

Definition: Limitations on how the printer can be used, such as prohibitions on certain types of print jobs or usage environments.

Usage: Understanding usage restrictions helps businesses comply with the rental agreement and avoid penalties.

Escalation Clause

Definition: A provision in the lease or rental agreement that allows the lessor to increase the rental payments based on specific conditions, such as inflation or increased maintenance costs.

Usage: Being aware of an escalation clause helps businesses budget for potential increases in their rental payments.


What are overage charges in a printer rental agreement?

Overage charges are fees for printing more pages than what is included in the rental agreement. It’s important to monitor your printing volume to avoid these charges.

Can I upgrade my rented printer during the lease term?

Yes, if your lease agreement includes an upgrade clause, you can upgrade to a newer model during the lease term.

What happens at the end of a printer lease?

At the end of a lease, you can renew the lease, purchase the printer, or return it, depending on the end-of-lease options in your agreement.

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